If you’re prepping to buy or sell a home, knowing its market value will help you negotiate for a competitive price. A licensed property appraisal expert is a useful resource for determining a house’s financial worth. However, if you have not worked with one before, the guide below explores some desired qualities.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Personal Property Appraiser

Local Market Expertise

Strongly consider hiring someone who knows the area where your property is located. The best ones are intimately familiar with the communities they serve and can properly assess the local real estate market. For example, their appraisal report should contain an in-depth analysis of the house in comparison to others for sale in the area.

Licensed & Certified

Seek out appraisers who have earned and obtained the required state licenses to practice in their profession. Having the proper and current credentials means an appraiser is committed to following state and federal rules and regulations. Appraisers who are members of or have received certifications from reputable trade associations understand the value of ongoing education and keeping up-to-date on the latest industry changes.

Experience & References

Those who have spent years in the business know what qualities to look for in a house, seeing beyond its current state to where it could be in a few years. Additionally, they understand a strong track record builds trust and repeat business so an experienced and professional appraiser will gladly provide references to potential clients.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, its value is the driving force behind a fair and competitive deal. Concept Appraisal Services in Littleton, CO, is the Denver area’s premier firm for personal property assessments. Owner Connie Jo Esbenson has 22+ years of experience and specializes in complex properties. As a certified residential appraiser, you can always expect professional and attentive guidance. For a free quote on appraisal services, call (303) 506-6254. You can also request one online, where you’ll also find information on the firm’s full suite of services.

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